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Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogging...Instead of Packing

There's something about traveling that just excites me. The airplane flights, the new people, the amazing sights, and the once in a lifetime experience--the combination of it all just makes me shiver in anticipation. My name is Tim and I will be traveling to Botswana (the country just north of South Africa) to study HIV/AIDS and public health. While I am brimming with energy, I cannot hide the fact that I am also a bit nervous. After all, this will be my first time out of the country alone.

But to be a little bit more honest, there is something on my mind that is worrying me a little bit more at the moment. I need to finish packing. I'm a last minute type of person and that includes packing (and probably blogging as well). And even though I have to leave for the airport in 5 hours, I am sitting here on my laptop rather than packing essentials for my trip. Oh well. There is just something more satisfying about typing this and watching Monsters Inc (what my brother is currently watching) than running around the house.

All the thoughts running through my mind are making it hard for me to think, so I think I'll end this post here. One last thing, though; hope everyone enjoys reading my and everyone else's blogs. I know reading the other posts makes me excited and (I'll admit it) slightly jealous. Adios (I like speaking randomly in Spanish).

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