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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alison - Little Cayman; Big Adventure

Little Cayman^
Grand Cayman

Seeing as I believe I am among the last in the group to depart from the US I cannot help but be extremely jelous of all of the other postings thus far. For those unsure, I'm Alison a senior Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior and Public Policy and Planning double major (yes I know its a mouthfull). I will be spending my time abroad on the remote island of Little Cayman at The Central Carribean Marine Institute. For those that think my trip may be a vacation - I hope you are right, but the work has already begun! In preperation for the course I have become PADI scuba diver certified. I have procured just about all of my textbooks, 7 in total and am in the process of reading my substaiantal pre-arrival homework. (I hope all those books won't cost me extra when I board the plane!)

My program is based on research about the prestine reefs of the Cayman Islands. Every student needs to pick a research topic and I have chosen Marine Protectorate Areas. I hope that my stregnths as a policy maker and semi- scientist will help me to not only learn, but create some meaningful work. I have already learned from my readings! Although I do wish I paid more attention in Intro to Oceanography freshman year!

At present time I am day dreaming about my beach front residence and opportunity for new friends....

I will let you know that I considered myself a semi pro photographer and plan on having a ton of pictures... and hopefully even some video. I recently purchased a special diving camera so that I can take pictures and video while I am scuba diving! I hope that I can share my once in a lifetime experience with all of you.

One of the scariest things I would have to say about this travel is that the remote island of Little Cayman has less than 150 people living on it and no doctor! I come from Bayonne, NJ with over 70,000 people in 2 square miles. My view of the Hudson River is not quite what I have seen in pictures of Little Cayman (LC). I know things will be different but I am looking forward to its challenges and promise of adventure!!

4 days and counting!



  1. Bon Voyage! Can't wait to see your photos and video!

  2. Have a great time! That's a picture of Grand Cayman, though...

  3. I know :( It was the closest I could come to an air shot of little cayman! I did not come across any in my search. Great to see someone knows their islands!

  4. Looking forward to some above ground and under water photos.