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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What, I Have to Wait!

So, I am not very good at being patient. I tap my fingers and pace and fidget. So, now that I know I am definitely going to Costa Rica (in only a month and a half), I am a little nervous. With all this pacing, I might wear a hole in the Starkey floor and God only knows how much Rutgers will charge me for that!
I've already written a paper for the course (yes we were already given our first assignment). I bought my plane tickets. I am reading the Natural History of Costa Rica, which I have been told is almost as important as the Bible, maybe more important. (It depends who you ask, really). I've been reviewing the itinerary. Volcano, bananas, coffee, rainforest. Seriously, could anything be better! (My mom was very excited for me, well, for the coffee she expects me to bring back for her). My dad and I went shopping for hiking boots. The people at Eastern Mountain Sports are quite helpful. And the shoes at Eastern Mountain Sports are very expensive (even after the student discount). They better have a lifetime warranty.
I promise I will try to take lots of pictures, but I am not the paparazzi, so I cannot guarantee anything.
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